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Trump Just Got A Wake Up Call After Trying To Blame Spread Of Virus On 'Somebody A Long Time Ago'

Trump Just Got A Wake Up Call After Trying To Blame Spread Of Virus On 'Somebody A Long Time Ago'

President Trump—who repeatedly misrepresented and downplayed the severity of the global pandemic and failed to take many precautions that would have saved U.S. lives—is now blaming America's death toll on "somebody a long time ago."

While praising his own administration's response to the crisis, he made sure people knew he blamed "somebody" other than himself:

"There has been so much unnecessary death in this country...It could have been stopped and it could have been stopped short, but somebody a long time ago, it seems, decided not to do it that way. And the whole world is suffering because of it."

While Trump doesn't bear any responsibility for starting the virus, his response to the threat has gained widespread criticism. As it spread through China and Italy, Trump claimed the virus was a "hoax."

Once it began to arrive in the U.S. Trump said cases would disappear "like a miracle."

To this day, Trump has yet to take steps towards the widespread testing experts believe is integral to reopening the U.S. safely.

Twitter was quick to remind the President of his own failure of responsibility.

We may never know who this "somebody" is that caused so much death and devastation.

Unlike many Presidents before him, Trump can't wait to place responsibility on literally anyone but himself.

Also, not to nit-pick, but this past January wasn't an incredibly long time ago.

President Trump would like Americans to believe he's been perfect every step of the way.

If you're watching carefully enough, you might just be able to see through the President's clever ruse. The "somebody" he's referring to is, in fact, himself.