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Trump Just Tried To Drag A Conservative Columnist For Making A Twitter Typo, And It Did Not End Well For Him

David McNew/Getty Images

President Donald Trump is known—among other things—as the first Twitter President.

The social media site is his preferred method of communication.

But that doesn't mean he's an expert on the platform. Far from it as Trump frequently comes under fire for his Twitter fails.

Remember covfefe?

Or how about his references to his wife "Melanie" or hamberders? But such personal failures never stop the POTUS from mocking others.

On Thursday, Trump decided to engage in a favorite hobby: bullying and mocking women. He called out conservative pundit Jennifer Rubin for tweeting about Michael "Bloombefg."

Now, look at your keyboard. Between the "r" and the "g" is the "f" so simple mistake, right?

That didn't stop Trump from mocking her on Twitter.

Trump may forget his own Twitter fails, but the internet remembered.

With lots of people simply commenting...


Expecting Trump to be anything but hypocritical or an internet bully is apparently a bridge too far.