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Donald Trump

Trump Awkwardly Denies Ever Having Red Marks On His Hand With Painfully On-Brand Excuse

The ex-President blamed 'A.I.' after Fox News reporter Mark Meredith remarked how it looked like the red splotches on his hands seen in recent photographs seemed to have healed.

Donald Trump

Blaming A.I. is apparently former Republican President Donald Trump's new "fake news."

Trump is claiming the viral photos of him showing his hand covered in red sores could have been fake A.I. creations after being asked about them on Fox News.

When Fox's Mark Meredith asked him about his injured hand, Trump pretended not to have any idea what he was talking about.

Meredith asked Trump:

“How’s your hand? It looks like it’s better now.”

Trump feigned ignorance by asking "my hand?" When Meredith clarified that he was referencing the viral photos, he claimed not to have seen them and said "maybe it’s A.I."

It is, of course, impossible that he had no idea what Meredith was referencing, but it's also absurdly implausible. Even if they were A.I. fakes, Trump notoriously spends all of his time glued to television news.

And the photos were a viral sensation in part because of the many theories they spawned, which no doubt Trump would have heard and privately raged about.

One theory came from the hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe, who posited that the sores were blisters Trump popped by slamming his hands on the table in the federal courtroom during E. Jean Carroll's damages trial.

Trump was said to be extremely agitated throughout the proceedings.

But Trump's rabid supporters had an alternate, more plausible theory: that the sores were simply blisters Trump sustained while golfing without wearing gloves.

Whatever the origin, the photos were...well gross, and everywhere, and he is lying about not knowing about them, not that that's exactly surprising.

And on social media, Trump's denials drew a lot of eye-rolls and mockery.

Anyway, we look forward to Trump blaming everything he says and does on A.I. throughout the rest of the election season as he's called out on his lies and hypocrisies too numerous to count.