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Video Of Trump Calling For Obama's Impeachment After Leaving Office Comes Back To Haunt Him

Video Of Trump Calling For Obama's Impeachment After Leaving Office Comes Back To Haunt Him
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Former President Trump is currently facing his second impeachment trial in the Senate, with Republicans once again attempting to acquit him while openly admitting the wrongness of his actions.

This time around, Republicans have argued Trump can't be impeached because it's unconstitutional to impeach a President who is no longer in office, despite the fact they themselves blocked the trial from happening during Trump's term.

There's one notable figure who seems to disagree with their legal analysis, however—Trump himself.

In light of current events, a video of Trump from exactly one year ago (February 10, 2020) has resurfaced. At a campaign rally, Trump argued Congress should impeach former President Obama for his prior comments on healthcare.

President Trump said at the 2020 rally:

"Remember President Obama, you can keep your plan, you can keep – 28 times – you can keep your doctor. That didn't turn out very good. We should impeach him for that."
"Why aren't we impeaching him? 28 times, you can keep your doctor. We should impeach [former] President Obama."

Many people online forwarded the video to the House's impeachment managers as potential evidence.

For the internet, this clip served as a reminder of how little value Trump and his followers place on their words.

Though Republicans have tried to argue impeaching a former President is unconstitutional, Democrats and legal scholars contend this leaves a President above the law during his or her last weeks in office—a clearly unacceptable situation.

When it comes to President Trump's impeachment defense, it turns out there was a "tweet for that," as there almost always is.

Donald Trump has never been one to shy away from hypocrisy if it helps him get his way.