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Trump Once Left An Awkward Voicemail For Tom Brady Ribbing Him For Not Being Able To 'Win' Ivanka

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Just when you think the steamy saga between President Donald Trump and his daughter and adviser Ivanka couldn't get any weirder, something happens to upend that assumption.

It's a well known fact that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Donald Trump are friends. Brady's wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, actually suggested her husband refrain from discussing politics publicly after a "Make America Great Again" hat was photographed in his locker.

It's also well known that Trump has a long record of making odd comments about his daughter. He has referred to her as "hot," and a "piece of ass," and once rather infamously remarked that if she wasn't his daughter, "perhaps [he'd] be dating her."

Trump: If Ivanka weren't my daughter, I'd be dating her

With this in mind, it's bound to feel a little weird when you hear from former top Trump campaign aide Jason Miller, who while speaking on the Omnishambles podcast recalled that Trump called Brady on his birthday in 2016 and left a voicemail saying that the "only one thing you weren't able to do" was "win" Ivanka.

Miller said the first 30 seconds of the voicemail "were pretty conventional" and that the general tone was "lighthearted" and "upbeat":

The first 30 seconds were pretty conventional.

'Hey Tom, this is Donald. You're the greatest of all-time. They are saying that you might play into your 40s. I'm not sure if that's accurate. I think you could play until you're 50. You are the greatest of all-time'.

I think at that point he had four [Superbowl winner] rings but hadn't won these last two but he's going through and giving this story and again it's a voicemail that he's leaving for him.

So, 'You're the greatest of all time, you're the best, I hope you're having a great birthday, you're such a great person. There was only one thing you weren't able to do.' And he kind of pauses.

At this point I'm just looking at my phone but my ears perk up and I'm like 'wait, what's this.' And he's like, 'Ivanka chose Jared. That's the only thing that you weren't able to win at.'

Tom, you're great. Don't get me wrong, Tom, you ended up doing okay. Obviously, he starts laughing at this point. Like, he's being very funny.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, both presidential advisers, have been married since 2009, the same year that Brady married Gisele Bündchen. Miller said he has "no idea" if Brady called Trump back to thank him for the birthday message. Trump does feel affection for Brady and has, according to a New York Times report, joked that he "could have had Tom Brady" as a son-in-law. "Instead," the president said, according to five people who heard him, "I got Jared Kushner."

Yeah. You read that correctly.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a newspaper article from 2003 in which Trump fawns over the possibility of his daughter dating Brady.

We hope this is the most awkward thing we read today, but this is about the Trumps, so it won't be.

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