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Trump's Dig At Michelle Obama For Having Inaccurate Death Count In Her Speech Is One Big Self-Own

Trump's Dig At Michelle Obama For Having Inaccurate Death Count In Her Speech Is One Big Self-Own
Doug Mills/The New York Times-Pool/Getty Images; Handout/DNCC via Getty Images

Last night's first installment of the Democratic National Convention had plenty of memorable moments, but without a doubt former First Lady Michelle Obama's closing speech was the highlight of the night. It was the kind of speech that had everyone talking.

So naturally, President Donald Trump couldn't help but put in his two cents.

And in so doing, he dealt himself a truly astonishing self-own.

In his comments, delivered while speaking at an event celebrating women's rights, Trump attempted to rake Mrs. Obama over the coals for giving the wrong pandemic death count in her pre-taped speech.

"She was over her head, and frankly, she should've made the speech live, which she didn't do, she taped it. And it was not only taped, it was tape a long time ago, because she had the wrong [virus] deaths."

It's true that Obama misquoted the death count—which she stated as "more than 150,000"—but that's because deaths are rising so rapidly that another 20,000 people have died since she recorded her speech.

The U.S. pandemic death toll now stands at more than 170,000.

It was just one of several angry comments the President has made about Mrs. Obama's speech, which politely but unequivocally excoriated his presidency, calling him "the wrong President for our country" and saying that he is "in over his head."

But fighting back by mocking the former First Lady because she gave him a 20,000 death credit in her speech is not exactly the zinger the President seems to think it is.

On Twitter, hordes of people expressed disbelief and schadenfreude at the President's self-own.

President Trump also complained Obama's speech was "divisive" and she didn't deserve the "rave reviews" she received.

Many saw his comments as confirmation that the former First Lady had gotten under the President's notoriously thin skin.