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Trump's 'NEVER SURRENDER' Christmas Merchandise Featuring His Mugshot Is Truly Bonkers

The ex-President is hawking wrapping paper and Christmas stockings featuring his mugshot to his rabid supporters.

Donald Trump
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump was mocked online for hawking wrapping paper and Christmas stockings featuring his mugshot to his rabid supporters.

The wrapping paper, featuring three sheets of 21-by-39-inch festive paper, is available for $35 through the conservative WinRed fundraising platform. Trump's mugshot sports a Santa Claus hat, accompanied by the defiant slogan "Never Surrender."

Screenshot of Trump Christmas wrapping

For $25, supporters can purchase the Christmas stocking, portraying Trump sans Santa hat, adding to the array of merchandise already adorned with the controversial image.

Screenshot of Trump Christmas

Previously, Trump sold this image on $28 posters, $25 coffee mugs, $34 T-shirts, $15 beverage coolers.

Screenshot of Trump

Screenshot of Trump coffee

Screenshot of Trump

Screenshot of Trump beverage

The Trump campaign boasts significant fundraising success attributed to this particular image, claiming to have generated millions of dollars in contributions.

Trump had previously featured his mugshot—taken during his arrest in Georgia—accompanied by the phrase "NEVER SURRENDER!" in social media posts.

His critics noted that the phrase "never surrender" was particularly ironic given that he had just literally surrendered himself to authorities in Fulton County in order to be processed, photographed, and eventually released on bond in his election interference case.

Critics took to X, formerly Twitter, to highlight the irony of the image and caption.

Trump isn't the only Republican to come under fire for tacky and tasteless Christmas decor.

Last week, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was widely mocked after she hawked her latest tacky anti-Joe Biden-themed Christmas merchandise—which includes wrapping paper and a shirt featuring the President as the Dr. Suess character the Grinch.

Among the items for sale is $25 Christmas wrapping paper featuring President Biden depicted as the Grinch, accompanied by the slogan “Impeach Biden.” Additionally, a $60 sweatshirt displays the message “The Grinch Who Stole The Election” in green, with “Impeach Biden” in red. The collection also includes a T-shirt reading “Proud Christian Nationalist.”