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Trump Just Gave A Speech With A Bug Crawling All Over His Face And Hair, And People Are Cringing

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President Donald Trump was bugged at a speech in Jamestown, Virginia.

The culprit wasn't former President Barack Obama, as Trump has claimed before, but a literal bug.

The winged thing landed on Trump's face as he thanked the governor of Virginia and it decided to make a temporary home in the nest of the president's hair.

The internet soon started buzzing about it.

Watch below:

The president didn't notice the critter, but we have a feeling he wouldn't have been happy.

Consider his past reactions to bugs.

The bug looked right at home in Trump's hair though.

And people noticed.

Considering Trump's recent tweets calling the city of Baltimore "infested," people began to think that Trump was infested himself.

Noticeably, the bug wasn't seen leaving the hair.

Maybe the haircare products suffocated the poor little guy.

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