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Trump Has No Recollection Of Lil Jon, Who Appeared In A Full Season Of 'The Apprentice' ๐Ÿ˜‘

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Another day, another bonkers press conference performance from Donald Trump.

In the wake of the midterm election results that proved decisively that the country is, like, not here for his antics (and also places him in some pretty grave danger), President Trump appeared Wednesday before the White House Press Corps for a wide-ranging press conference wherein he seemed on the verge of puking, nearly choked up about Oprah Winfrey not liking him anymore and, of course, berating the press for not being willing to lie for him.

It was, as usual, bizarre and a bit shocking.

And then someone brought up Lil Jon. You know, as one does.

A journalist asked the President about accusations that he's made racist comments in the past, including Lil Jon's own accusations in 2016 that Trump called him an "Uncle Tom" on the set of The Celebrity Apprentice, on which he appeared twice, in 2011 and 2013. "Uncle Tom" is a slur used to label a Black person as someone who makes himself subservient or deferential to white people. According to Lil Jon, he and several of his castmates confronted Trump about the comment at the time.

But in the heated exchange with the journalist yesterday, Trump's shot back, "I don't know who Lil Jon is." When the reporter reminded him that Lil Jon appeared on The Apprentice, Trump denied remembering him, before going on to say, "I would never do that, and I don't use racist remarks, and you know what, if I did, you would've known about it."

The internet quickly went in on the President's patently ridiculous claim, starting with Trump's former protege and cabinet member, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who, as usual, brought receipts:

And also revealed, in a detail both hilarious and humiliating, that Trump had meant to call Lil Jon "Uncle Sam":

Of course, one needn't be a celebrity to bring Trump receipts for this particular claim: they were right there in his Twitter feed, as usual:

And all over the internet:

And the journalist who originally broke the story chimed in, too:

Of course, this being Twitter, the jokes using Lil Jon's trademark catchphrases soon came rolling in:

Anyway, seems pretty clear that Trump is lying through his teeth on this one. After all, as Vampire Weekend famously told us, "Lil Jon, he always tells the truth."

H/T The Independent, USA Today

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I pre-ordered him a game [Kingdom Hearts III], and bought him a shirt and a book he wanted :) ...I also filled up his living room floor with balloons...

It seems minor mischief is a common theme in their relationship:

Thank you. :) At this point, I can't really surprise my boyfriend anymore. And I try lol. Like the time I secretly put googly eyes on everything in his fridge...

Oh, and they made him this Pikachu cake. You know, nbd.

Users were impressed by u/GeekyKirby's piping skills. Also, the hate for fondant icing is real!

Nicely done and without fondant! r/FondantHate - Patiod
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A few were also a bit envious.

This cake looks AWESOME, great job!
Side note: Here's hoping that 2019 will bless me with some manflesh to do nice things like this for too ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ- black_heart85
Hehe this gave me a good chuckle this morning. Now wish I had a boyfriend so I could do this to them. - MidnightMadness21

Making something for someone is a great way to show them you love them.

The best birthday present I ever got was from a girl who baked me a cake secretly. So thanks for doing that for him, I know I'd feel great about it. - Levitr0n

Others have found inventive ways to use the meme as well:



Latte Art:

Even An Essay:

The fact that Surprised Pikachu is still around in 2019 really speaks to its universal appeal and ease of use. People will surely keep coming up with inventive ways to use the meme.

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