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Trump Demanding A Coke In Secret Cohen Recording Has Naturally Spawned Some Classic Memes

Photos by Jack Taylor/Don Emmert /AFP/Getty Images

The Internet can't get past Donald Trump asking for a Coke in the middle of a meeting.

On Tuesday night, CNN's Cuomo Prime Time shared a secret tape between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen. During the conversation, the two men discuss making a payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal. At the time of the recording, Trump was running for office, and Cohen (who made the recording) was his lawyer.

Although the focus of the tape was the alleged payoff of McDougal, Twitter users couldn't get over hearing Trump say:

Get me a Coke, please.

So much so, it may just become the catchphrase of the year.

At this stage in the administration we could all use a drink.

But just why is this Coke important? Just ask Seth Abramson. The attorney and professor lists 10 reasons why the Trump-Cohen tape is important, but we'll give you just the first five (because reasons):

And finally:

There you have it, folks. Even asking for a Coke can get the notoriously unlawful Trump in trouble.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter