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READ: Ben Cardin Explains How Trump Is Uniting the Senate

READ: Ben Cardin Explains How Trump Is Uniting the Senate

During an interview with The Global Politico podcast, Sen. Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, opened up about the rare sort of bipartisanship that has developed since Trump took office.

While much could be said for Trump's personal digs at retiring Republican Sen. Bob Corker as adding fuel to the fire, Cardin claims that his policies are just as uniting for the two parties.

"I believe on foreign policy that there is little difference between the Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee," he states. He includes a list of the White House's objections that the committee, and ultimately the Senate, flat-out ignored, including a 98-2 vote to impose sanctions on Russia, as well as attempts to find peaceful resolutions with North Korea and Iran.

And for a Congress and White House that are controlled by the same party, it's a huge deal.

"Clearly, Congress has taken on a stronger role. You see that with the sanctions bill we passed with Russia—and, by the way, also with North Korea and Iran—that discretion that is normally given to the president has been taken over by Congress in our role as the policy arm of government," Cardin continues. "We have been more prescriptive on the responsibilities of the president on foreign policy, and that’s Congress’ prerogative, and we’ve done that under President Trump."

While there are plenty of Congress members who aren't quite willing to go head to head with Trump, the openness for dialogue and doubt seems very telling.

And with the Mueller investigation in full swing, Cardin knows that if Trump should be impeached, the Senate may have to unite even more to convict him. "There’s lots of dots, and they’re starting to be connected," he admits.

"I may be called upon to act," he says, musing over his potential role as a juror.

Many on Twitter are hopeful that the bipartisanship can continue developing:

Fingers crossed:

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