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Trump Tried To Blame Bob Woodward For Not Releasing His Tapes Sooner—And It Backfired Hard

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Leading up to the publication of his new book, Rage, legendary journalist Bob Woodward has released tapes of 18 shocking interviews he had with President Donald Trump.

In the recordings, the President openly admits to understanding the full danger of the pandemic and to lying about the threat to the American public.

This revelation, among many others in the tapes, ignited an uproar against the President. In response, Trump said Woodward himself was to blame for waiting so long to release the tapes.

Twitter, somehow, couldn't help but think the things President Trump said might be President Trump's fault.

President Trump seemed to believe his tweet made a good impression, but most people reading it thought otherwise.

Since the release of Woodward's tapes, President Trump has also claimed he "downplayed" the danger of the virus to maintain calm in the U.S.

It doesn't seem like tweets like this are aimed at calming the populous, however.

As a result of President Trump's lies about the seriousness of the virus and delays in reacting to it, thousands of Americans needlessly died.

With President Trump, it's always someone else's fault. Always.

The United States deserves a President that tells them the truth, especially when American lives are at stake.