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Trump Roasted After Asking How Everyone's '409Ks' Are Doing While Bragging About The Economy

Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images; @gregpinelo/Twitter

On Thursday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to once again boast about the economy.

However the Wharton School of Business graduate appeared unfamiliar with one of the most common retirement planning products: the 401K.

Trump tweeted:

"STOCK MARKET AT ALL-TIME HIGH! HOW ARE YOUR 409K'S DOING? 70%, 80%, 90% up? Only 50% up! What are you doing wrong?"


The tweet sounded like someone shilling investment advice. But if your financial planner mentioned your 409K, you would probably take your money elsewhere.

People quickly picked up on the President's latest fumble.

But that's not all Trump got wrong.

Even after deleting and retweeting a corrected version, there were issues.

A soaring stock market doesn't translate to increased wages or wealth for most people.

Just like great job numbers mean little when people have two to three jobs but still struggle to pay bills due to poverty wages.

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