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Tiktok 'Auntie' Makes Insane Trick Shot In Store—But She's Got Some Pretty Impressive Credentials

Tiktok 'Auntie' Makes Insane Trick Shot In Store—But She's Got Some Pretty Impressive Credentials
@auntiechantel / TikTok

Former WNBA star Chantel Tremitiere has been a beast on the basketball court since her school days. Her college career was the stuff of legend, her playing overseas broke boundaries, her WNBA career saw her put up numbers other basketball players drooled over.

Still, the general public didn't really know who she was. Tremitiere has always been a sort of "athlete's athlete"—until TikTok, that is.

The platform offered her a way to connect with the general public and so Tremitiere was re-born as "Auntie Chantel" and has been flexing her skills all over the platform. Her videos combine her skill with her sense of humor, often focusing on people issuing challenges based on what the internet says Chantel can't do.

Spoiler alert: missing shots is not Auntie's style. She's like a Dr. Seuss book worth of trick shots.

She can hit 'em from afar:

She nails 'em from behind a car:

Auntie Chantel can shoot to music, y'all:

And she can definitely land tricks with a standard men's ball.

Napping in a vehicle?

Not a problem at all.

P.S. Yup, she can even do it at the mall.

She's incredible and we love that people are getting to see her athleticism even though she has retired from playing ball professionally.

Twitter is loving it too. People are so impressed with her skills.

How could you not be‽‽

People contemplated what playing against her would be like ... and promptly decided nope!

But basketball is just the beginning of Dr. Chantel Tremitiere's excellence.

Auntie is also an actor, public speaker, author, has a PhD and an MBA, has a graphic design company, is a producer, does consulting work on films and more.

We don't know anything about her relationship status, but if she's looking for love all she has to do is hit the comments section.

And for the science-minded among you, here's a helpful poll about who Twitter thinks is the better shot.

Numbers don't lie. People love Auntie Chantel!

You can check out her videos on TikTok and Twitter, but don't expect nothing but ball. "Dr. Trem" is an incredibly accomplished and multi-faceted woman.

Her work spans decades and cris-crosses the globe. She has made major waves in sports, graphic design, business, and activism and has done it all while battling racism, prejudice, misogyny and cancer.

Like she said, don't play with her. Auntie can do it all.