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World Traveler Explains How She Went From Being A Poor Student To Earning Nearly $40k A Month By Selling Her Nudes Online

World Traveler Explains How She Went From Being A Poor Student To Earning Nearly $40k A Month By Selling Her Nudes Online
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A global jet-setter has revealed how she went from being a “skint student" to earning over £30,000 ($38,875) a month virtually overnight, by quitting her degree in international relations to sell nude pictures and saucy videos of herself online.

Raking in 12 times the average annual UK salary of £30,420 ($39,419) each year, at just 23, singleton Kaya Corbridge owns her house in Colne, Lancashire, outright and holidays in far flung destinations such as Bali, Barcelona and Australia.

Her luxury lifestyle became possible after she quit her degree course in international relations and global development at Leeds Beckett University in September 2017, after just four weeks, to focus on her OnlyFans account—a subscription service where content creators provide exclusive material to their subscribers, or “fans."

Kaya explained how her content—which fans pay a fee to view—can range from naked pictures to videos of her feet, saying:

“I set-up my OnlyFans account on a bit of whim. I just thought I'd give it a go—I never thought it would change my life in the way it has."

“In my first year I made £255,000 ($330,000) and now I earn about £30,000 every month—I'm in the top one per cent of OnlyFans earners in the world."

Life before her saucy endeavours was far from luxurious for Kaya—who also provides additional “favours" for fans, which can include rating pictures of men's intimate parts. Her previous jobs have included being a “cash-in-hand" waitress at 14, working in McDonald's, Lidl and as a part-time tour operator.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

But now Kaya, who has a brother and two sisters who she prefers to keep anonymous, says money is no object, adding:

“Last year I bought my first house and paid for it outright."

“It cost £125,000 ($162,000) and it's lovely. It's got two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a balcony and a garden and it's made me want to buy a second property soon."

“But I'm hardly there, as I spend most of my time traveling the world."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

She continued:

“I love exploring and seeing new places and I love being my own boss, as I can still work from wherever I am in the world."

“Since I started OnlyFans I've visited 20 countries, I've taken my mum to Paris, Poland and Barcelona, and I spent a few months in Australia. I travelled in America, saw more of Europe, then went to Bali and now I'm travelling around South East Asia. I'm hoping to have been to 30 countries by the end of the year."

OnlyFans content providers like Kaya have a photo feed, like Instagram users, showing pictures but she also takes private requests.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“For private requests people can pay for nude pictures and videos of me and some more naughty things, too, like strip teases."

“There's a function called Strip for Tip, and during a live video the more money my subscribers send me the more clothes I'll take off."

“I usually post once a day—a mixture of pictures and videos—but the most time consuming part of the job is making sure I reply to everyone's messages. I can get hundreds in a day and it can take hours to reply to them all."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

Despite her enviable curves, Kaya says many of her fans—who are mainly men but also some women and couples interested too—just want to focus on her feet.

She said:

“People have a real thing for feet. I've made thousands from mine!"

“Sometimes, they just ask for pictures of them—or they'll want videos of me rubbing oil on them, or of me just walking along in the sand. It's easy money."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

She added:

“Men also pay me to rate their privates. They'll send me a pic, then I'll tell them what I think of it in exchange for money."

“Plus there's the girlfriend experience. Men ask me to speak to them as if I'm their girlfriend for one day and pay me for it. I chat through messages or voice notes. Usually, they'll tell me what type of girlfriend they want me to be."

“Honestly, it would blow people's minds if they heard what some men ask for—but I just let it go over my head."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

She has turned down some of her fans' more lurid requests for items of worn underwear, to shave her hair off and, on one occasion, to put a slice of bread in her shoe, walk around on it all day and send a male admirer her crumbs.

She also has fans who want to “gift" items to her, which she says can be very useful.

Kaya, who did her own poll to determine the profile of her fans, which she believes are mostly men in their 20s or 30s, said:

“For fans who want to give me gifts, I have a 'Wish List.' All I do is add items that I want to it, so they can go and buy them for me."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“I ask for all sorts, usually just boring every day items. My brother needed a new mattress recently, so I added it to my list and someone bought it."

“When I moved into my house, I asked for things like a kettle and microwave, as well as candles and cushions—and got those gifted too."

“I've also been given a phone, trainers, clothes, vouchers and books."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

Sometimes Kaya's fans use their initiative and buy her surprise presents.

“I get sent outfits that people want me to wear on camera. I've been sent a policewoman and a nurse outfit before, as well as a tutu, fishnet tights and a corset."

“I also had rope sent to me. I was just like, 'So, what am I meant to do with this?'"

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“The next day a book arrived which was called 'The Art of Rope Tying,' so I'm guessing they wanted me to tie myself up in rope."

Her fans can also help to maintain Kaya's immaculate appearance.

“There's a function called 'Adopt a Bill. Using that, people can pay for me to get things like get my nails or toes painted."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

She continued:

“Or if something crops up—like if I need to go to the dentist—they can pay for that, too."

“I have extensions, which can cost a small fortune to maintain, so sometimes, I ask for contributions for my hair."

Looking back to September 2017 when she first opened her account, Kaya's life now is unrecognisable.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“For those couple of weeks when I was at university I was as poor as hell and could barely afford to eat. I was always worried about money, my parents didn't have a lot, but they scraped together all they could to give me an extra £30 ($39) a week."

“I remember being in tears because my laptop basically blew up and I couldn't afford to fix it."

Her life changed in an instant, however, when, browsing Twitter one day, Kaya found someone with an OnlyFans account and decided to follow suit and start her own.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

She said:

“I set it up, then forgot about it for a while."

“A few days later I uploaded a bikini picture of myself to see what happened. When I woke up the next day I checked my account and I'd made £250 ($324) overnight—I couldn't believe it!"

After that, she continued to post intimate images and videos to the website.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“Within the first month I'd made £8,500 ($11,015). I knew I was on to something good, so I decided to quit my university course and concentrate on OnlyFans."

“To be honest, I only went to university because I wanted to get a charity job doing international aid."

“Now I can volunteer for charities while still earning a wage through OnlyFans."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“So last year, one day I told my fans whatever I earn today I'll donate to Pendle Dogs in Need, a rescue and rehome centre, and I made over £1,000 ($1,296) that I donated to them."

“In January I volunteered at a dog rescue centre in Koi Samiu in Thailand for a couple of weeks—I loved it, and I hope to do some more volunteering soon."

Meanwhile, Kaya's online work is fully supported by her loved ones.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“My family and friends are happy for me and so supportive of what I do."

“I've been honest with them the whole time. As soon as I posted my first photo, I told them what I was doing."

“And while my family would never expect anything from me, they know I'll always look after them."

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“I've taken my mum on countless trips, I bought my brother an electric bike and I bought my mum a new washing machine and a laptop."

“My sister had a baby and when she got her own place, I put together a little moving in fund for her, so she could get everything she needed for her new home."

And Kaya certainly has no plans to quit her current role any time soon.

Kaya Corbridge (Collect/ PA Real Life)

“One day I want to have my own little empire. Now everything is so much easier, I never worry about money."

“Whatever I do next I'll have to transition into, because right now the money I make is too good to give up."

“This job has given me complete freedom to do what I want and, hopefully, I'll never have to see my family struggle again."

“My only regret is that I didn't start doing this sooner."

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