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Woman Calls Out Tinder Date Who Tried To Shame Her For Not Sleeping With Him In Epic Video

Woman Calls Out Tinder Date Who Tried To Shame Her For Not Sleeping With Him In Epic Video

Finding love on Tinder is no easy task. But a TikToker named Madison's recent night out with a guy she met on Tinder went to a whole new level of challenging when he began shaming her for not sleeping with him.

And now the shocking video she surreptitiously took of the man insisting he's entitled to sex has gone mega-viral.

WARNING: NSFW and threatening language

In the video, the man insisted multiple times Madison is all but required to have sex with him.

He claimed she misled him by using Tinder for dating instead of casual sex.

"That's how adults do it. They don't use Tinder to date, they use Tinder to f**k."

Madison then told the man if all he wanted was sex, he should have specified as such on his Tinder profile, but he claimed if he had done so he wouldn't have gotten any matches.

When Madison told him his behavior is the very definition of "toxic masculinity," he insisted it is simply "reality" and he's just "trying to help" her.

Madison, a 25-year-old woman from Indiana, talked to BuzzFeed News about the disturbing encounter, which was supposed to be a regular date.

"He was supposed to take me to dinner, but changed the plan and decided to just go back to his house and watch a movie."

Once there, the man began repeatedly pressuring Madison—who is in recovery—to drink alcohol with him, so she decided to leave. It was while she was waiting for her Uber the man became aggressive with her about sleeping with him.

Madison thankfully got out of the man's apartment safely, but told BuzzFeed she felt unsafe.

"The worst part [about what he said] was that he didn't feel like I had the right to say, 'No.' That I was obligated to have sex with him because I went back to his apartment."

And she said she's worried many other women in her position wouldn't feel as empowered to resist a date's pressure.

"I'm in recovery, so I've gone through a lot of bad stuff that kind of taught me, along with therapy, to stay calm in situations like that. I knew I had a choice, but my worry was that other women in this situation might not feel like they have a choice."

Madison's fellow TikTokers were appalled by the man's behavior.











Let this be a lesson to men everywhere.

Women don't owe you sex ever, for any reason.