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Alabama Republican Roasted For Considering Run For Governor To Combat Yoga In Schools

Alabama Republican Roasted For Considering Run For Governor To Combat Yoga In Schools
CBS 42

As schools across the country deal with protests regarding mask and vaccine requirements and Covid cases continue to surge, schools in Alabama are apparently facing an even more dangerous threat.


At least according to Tim James, the son of former Republican Alabama governor Fob James who, after two failed runs for governor in 2002 and 2010, is reportedly considering challenging sitting Republican governor Kay Ivey in 2022.

In a press conference at the Alabama State Capitol this past Wednesday, James announced that his decision as to whether or not he would run was "yet to be determined."

"My family, my children, my wife, we're praying about it and will make a firm decision later this year."

Instead of officially announcing his candidacy, James took the press conference as an opportunity to deliver a prepared speech to address what he called "the beast with three heads" which is attacking Alabama's schools.

As reported by The Montgomery Advertiser,those three heads appeared to be critical race theory, transgender rights, and teaching yoga in public schools.

"They're like a cancer, metastasizing over time infecting the minds of children"
"They are symptoms of a cultural tsunami that has reached critical mass in America and if left unchecked is toxic to Alabama children."
This past spring, the state of Alabama lifted a three-year old ban on teaching yoga in public schools, though restrictions still remain, as it can only be taught as an elective, and student's would have to opt-in in order to take it.

But those restrictions didn't appear to be enough for James, who made a plea to the the state legislature to reinstate the ban, apparently owing to its origins in the Hindu faith.

In a fairly blatant attempt to sway social conservatives and evangelical voters, James warned of the "culture war" which he claimed was threatening the country as well as traditional Judeo-Christian values.

"Many problems exist today in America, but they are pale compared to what this nation will look like if we lose this cultural war, and America becomes a secular, godless nation flowing to and fro in the wind, with no plumb line."

James confessed at the conference that he would probably be mocked for what he said, which proved to be one of the few pieces of factual information he delivered during his impassioned speech.

People wasted no time taking to Twitter to express their confusion, amusement and disbelief at James fear-mongering over yoga, particularly when there are far more serious problems plaguing Alabama schools.

A few others pointed the disturbing irony of Black man hold an umbrella for James considering he was attacking critical race theory at the press conference.

While some had trouble believing this was actually something James said, believing it must have been a parody or a joke.

Governor Ivey was also among those who joined in mocking James' speech, in a statement released by her campaign.

"We appreciate his unwavering commitment to the important fight on yoga."
"As for Governor Ivey, she doesn't do any yoga."

Three other candidates have already filed paperwork to challenge Ivey for the GOP nomination, creating a fairly steep uphill battle forJames should he decide to run.