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TikToker Dragged For Bizarre Cupcake Video Urging Cops To 'Stop Killing Black People'

TikToker Dragged For Bizarre Cupcake Video Urging Cops To 'Stop Killing Black People'

Ever since the police killing of George Floyd last May launched the U.S. into a summer of widespread protests across the country against racial bias in law enforcement, countless social media users have wielded a wide range of online platforms to raise consciousness, share anti-racism resources and express their pointed rage.

But with so many people sharing content all the time, you're bound to run into some attempts that flat out miss the mark, or even demonstrate insensitivity.

A recent TikTok video, which went viral for all the wrong reasons, was a fine example of one of those attempts.

Posted by the account @cookingbymeg, the TikTok was a recent entry in the account's long line of "cupcake shoutouts," all of which involve a cupcake being frosted, sprinkled, and spun around to reveal a message written on a colorful card stuck in the top of the treat.

And while most of those shoutouts have featured the names of couples—usually requested by followers—@cookingbymeg recently decided to join the movement to curb racial bias.

But no matter how bad police violence in the U.S. is, she was not about to give up the cupcake shoutout format.

Her message was simple, straightforward, and undeniably tone deaf.

"If you're a police officer, this cupcake is for you."
"Please stop killing Black people."

It reminded some people of this...


Of course, the clip ignited a barrage of criticism from the many people who came across it.

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Others posted about that now-infamous and similarly tone deaf Pepsi commercial which featured Kendall Jenner using a can of Pepsi to instantly end a protest.




Queen of the Cows/TikTok


In case you forgot about that cringe fest, here's a full refresher.

So to be clear, no, cupcakes have done nothing to inch the needle toward an end to consistent racial bias in law enforcement and the justice system in the United States.