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Woman Realizes Her Christmas Display Is Not So Child-Friendly After Husband's Hilarious Prank


A hilarious prank performed by a TikToker's husband is giving a whole new meaning to the song Santa Claus is Coming To Town.

TikToker Amber Ann Zink (@ambieannzzz) shared a video of the Christmas lights her husband put up on their chimney. It was meant to be a cheerful Santa Claus waving to those passing.

Zink's husband didn't tie up his waving hand so this fun decoration went from wholesome to not safe for children in seconds.

The text over the video read:

"My husband forgot to zip-tie Santa's hand up to the wave."
"And now it's obscene."


Just a tiny mistake. #Christmas2021 #Santa #naughtylist #fyp #Iowa

The video went viral, reaching 5.5 million likes and 36 million views.

The comment section really took this joke and ran with it.














Even Zink's neighbor commented on the hilarious display.

@nmburdess/TikTok; @ambieannzzz/TikTok


We know for a fact this was a prank, not just a mistake, because Zink's husband was questioned about it.

Zink asked:

"You actually 'bungied' it that way?"

He replied, deadpan to the camera:


Zink said:

"You told me that it was a mistake."
"Not true?"

He said:

"That was a lie."

Reply to @duolingo Did he do it on purpose??? Definitely on the naughty list. #Christmas2021 #sing2gether #badsanta #ASOSChaoticToCalm @ryanzink926

It seems Zink's family really goes nuts for the holiday décor.

In another video they showed their other three acres of lights that are not as inappropriate as Santa.


Reply to @cm2036 No worries!!! He’s still here! :) #Christmas2021 #badsanta #fyp #naughtylist #santawave #santaclausiscoming

Don't worry, Santa is still proudly displayed on their roof.