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Dermatologists Weigh In After TikToker Says Head & Shoulders Shampoo Can Clear Facial Acne

Comedian Elyse Myers told her TikTok followers she's been using the anti-dandruff shampoo for her acne breakouts to great effect.

Screenshot of Elyse Meyers; Screenshot of dermatologist

In a viral video that has now been viewed nearly 13 million times, comedian and TikToker Elyse Myers let viewers in on a little skincare secret. She claimed Head & Shoulders shampoo is the key to clear skin.

Myers shared:

"Before you spend a lot of money on skincare products, just hold on."
"Just go buy Head & Shoulders and wash your face with it and see what happens."

She said she has been using the "Walmart version" of the product on her face since middle school, when her dermatologist told her the benefits of the zinc that's found in the shampoo.

Myers also claimed she only started getting breakouts on her face after she stopped using Head & Shoulders because she used the swag skincare companies sent to her for free.

She finished:

"Just try it."

Her video is below.


you ever look at a word so long it starts to look like a made up word? my brain started convincing me ‘zinc’ wasn’t the right spelling by the end of editing this. 😂

As the popularity of the video grew, dermatologists weighed in on the matter.

Dermatologist Dr. Adel responded to Myers' video with a TikTok of her own.

In her video, she explained:

"The active ingredient in zinc pyrithione which has both anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties."
"It works for dandruff by decreasing the dandruff-producing fungus Malassezia."

She continued:

"This is also the same fungus that normally lives on the skin and causes seborrheic dermatitis and 'fungal acne'."
"If you have any of these conditions, then it's worth using Head & Shoulders, but otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it for a first-line option for clear skin."

Check out Dr. Adel's video below.

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Viewers who tried the hack weighed in.

Many didn't have desirable results.

Some, however, did have success.

Another dermatologist, Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose, told The Post dermatologists "sometimes recommend the use of an [over the counter] anti-dandruff shampoo to treat the skin," but "there are better topical treatments for acne than topical zinc."

She continued:

"Studies have suggested that zinc may help to reduce acne."
"The role of an oral zinc supplementation has a stronger association than topical zinc as it is unclear how well topical zinc penetrates to affect an improvement in the skin."

The general consensus from the professionals was dandruff shampoo can be used to clear certain kinds of breakouts on the face, but it is definitely not an all-in-one remedy for all skin issues.