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Woman Gets New Passport Only To Realize They Hilariously Edited Most Of Her Hair Out Of Her Photo


You know the old saying, "Show me someone happy with their passport photo and I'll show you a liar."

Okay, that's not a saying at all, but it should be, because who in history has ever liked their passport photo? The weird lighting, the awkward face created by trying not to smile but also trying not to look like an international terrorist—it is all, frankly, a mess.

But one woman on TikTok kind of takes the cake, since the need to edit her hair in her photo made her look not so much like a weird version of herself but a normal version of a completely different person.

TikToker katiefiore898 posted a shot of her new passport photo in a TikTok video and, well, it's a whole mess.

The problem arose because Katie wore her hair in a bun. But not just any bun, a rather huge, towering bun, as she shows off in her video. Unfortunately, her fashion-forward look was just a bit too much for the passport photographer at her local Walgreens.

There wasn't enough space in the required framing for a passport photo to include Katie's shoulders, head and her skyscraper of a hair bun. So the photographer did the most natural thing: edited it out of the picture.

As she explained it in her video's caption:

"Wore a bun to get my passport pictures but they said it was too big so they just had to cut it off."

Seems reasonable enough, right? But aside from possibly being very, very illegal, as a commenter pointed out, it transformed Katie into a completely different person, one who looked more like, say, a lacrosse-playing bro named Travis or something.

As you might guess, the mishap had Katie and her fellow TikTokers howling.











Let this be a lesson.

Maybe save the fancy hairstyles for things other than your official government documents.