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TikToker Epically Trolls Homophobes By Recounting How Her Two Moms 'Oppressed' Her

TikToker Epically Trolls Homophobes By Recounting How Her Two Moms 'Oppressed' Her

Regardless of whether they are two moms or two dads, parents are typically seen as villains by their children who don't always get their way.

TikToker Sidney Clementine—a.k.a. @sidneyclementine–played on this notion by lamenting in a satirical video that her two moms didn't accept her for who she was as a straight woman.

But her sarcasm didn't land among homophobic trolls who interpreted her video differently so that they could respond with hateful comments.

In the clip captioned with, "My gay moms oppressed me," Clementine said:

“I was raised by gay moms growing up, and I want to tell you about the times that they did not accept me for who I was.”

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In the first of three examples, she drew viewers' attention to the background image of an asymmetrical pink haircut and explained:

“First was when I wanted to get this haircut. I was told that I could get the haircut if I chose to—it was my own head, but that I would look stupid.”

"I felt oppressed," she deadpanned.

She then mentioned the time she was 7 and thought she could fly like the Darling children from Peter Pan if she stepped off from a high enough ledge.

"They did not allow me to do this," she said. "I'm not sure why, but once again, not accepting of my life choices."

Lastly, with a younger Zendaya from Disney's Shake It Up posing behind our TikToker, Clementine said she wanted to go to school dressed like the "Disney teens"–epitomized by "lots of layers and clashing fabrics."

Convinced she would have been a "fashion icon," she said her moms advised against the idea.

"Alas, my moms didn't accept me for who I was meant to be," she said, before identifying the problem with her moms.

“It was straight-phobia in its purest form," she said, "and you cannot convince me otherwise.”

Whether or not people were deliberately being sarcastic or genuinely sympathetic could be left for interpretation.







Although the video was posted back in December, the clip gained traction again due to the New York Post portraying Clementine in the title of an article featuring her video as the "'Traumatized' daughter of LGBT parents."

The New York Post did mention Clementine's video was purely satirical, but it didn't prevent social media users to make their own assumptions about the story simply by reading the misleading title.

Clementine took an opportunity to clarify a few points in a new TikTok clip addressing her previous clip–including the fact that "homophobic people on Twitter are sharing it bc they don’t know it’s a joke."


I was in the news lol. #pridemonth #gayparents #lgbtq #🏳️‍🌈 #gaymoms #lgbtparents #pride

Clementine explained:

“The reason that I did the video is to poke fun at a very real reality that I grew up with, which was supposedly very well-intentioned people being concerned about the well-being of a child of LGBT parents."
"In reality, you don’t really care about children, you just hate gay people.”

She continued:

“Having a ‘What about the children?’ mindset is a really great way to rebrand things like transphobia and homophobia as more altruistic characteristics like ‘protecting young children and caring about others.’"

Clementine asserted that what makes someone a good or bad parent "has absolutely nothing to do with their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

She left a positive message for concerned LGBT parents looking to start a family by adopting or having their own children.

“I grew up in a household with parents that I knew, whoever I chose to date or whatever gender identity I identified with, I wouldn’t be not accepted by my parents and kicked out of the house simply for who I was."

She ended with a thought-provoking question for viewers.

"Can your kids say the same?”