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Guy Pretends To Know Woman To Save Her From Potentially Dangerous Situation In Viral Video

Guy Pretends To Know Woman To Save Her From Potentially Dangerous Situation In Viral Video

Most women will tell you encounters with definitely creepy, possibly dangerous men is a fact of female life. And all too often, these men simply will not back down no matter how many times a hint, an uncomfortable moments or a flat-out "No" comes their way.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes another man intervening for them to back off, and a guy on TikTok is going viral for doing just that.

TikToker Brandon Robert witnessed a woman being harassed by a man in a store, so he pretended to know her to give her an out—and it worked like a charm.

In his video, Robert was seen approaching the woman in the store and pretending she was an old friend.

The woman immediately went along with it, pretending like she'd known Robert for years. Robert then mentioned that his aunt was in the store with him, and invited the young woman to hang out with them. The woman, without missing a beat, replied, "Really? Aunt Claire?"

After they walked away from the man, the woman told Robert that the man had asked her if she wanted to go back to his place, and that he was "creepy." Speaking to BuzzFeedNews about the encounter, Robert said the woman, who looked to be about 19 to him, was visibly scared of the man harrassing her.

As he told BuzzFeed:

"You could tell just by her face she was quite frightened."

He added:

"She knew I had been watching and listening to what the man was saying to her and realized I was trying to get her out of the situation. She went along with me 'knowing' her immediately."

And from the sounds of it, the young woman felt far more than simply creeped out by the man who was bothering her.

Robert told BuzzFeed that the woman was very appreciative of his intervention and told him he "may have just saved her life."

On TikTok, people praised Robert's quick thinking and willingness to help.












Let's let this be a lesson to all the men out there to help out whenever you can.