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This Viral Video Of A Simple Way To Draw A Woman's Hand Is Proving Way More Difficult To Duplicate Than People Realized

@satisfyingdaily/Twitter, @ya_rubyquintero/Twitter, @queeeeenbri/Twitter

Hands are one of the hardest features of the human anatomy to draw. Fingers are complex beasts, y'all.

So many Twitter users were excited when the account @SatisfyingDaily posted a video demonstrating what looked like a simple way to draw a woman's hand in under 15 seconds.

But the method ended up giving them the finger.

It turns out the hand hack wasn't so simple at all, as people realized when they put it to the test.

Some attempts completely missed the mark.

Even after multiple attempts, some saw no improvement.

Then again, some couldn't help but show off.

If it's any consolation, Picasso didn't draw realistic hands either.