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This Guy's Viral Post About His Dad Beginning To Pursue A Modeling Career Was Just Begging To Be Turned Into A Meme

@coolcat_collin/Twitter // @kilomikealpha76/Twitter

That's one good looking dad!

Last week, Collin (@coolcat_collin), posted photos of his dad, who is pursuing a modeling career.


Like we said... whoa.

The pictures became an instant viral hit.

Little did Collin know... his dad's pictures kicked off a new meme:

"Twitter, meet my dad."

We totally want Jeff Goldblum and Taika Waititi to be our dads.

What about this dad and his dog?

We're pretty sure he's already made it.

He just might.

This dad's on TV!

This dad's a science guy!

It's always sunny when this dad's around.

This dad's a regular jerk, if you get our drift.

This dad's a king. Literally.

This one's the biggest dork... but we love him anyway.

That's quite the Pandora's box you've opened, Collin.