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These 'Genius' Ideas From People's Dreams Are Hilariously Nonsensical In The Light Of Day

Public Domain/Pexels // @Andr6wMale (Twitter)

Dream logic is odd.

One minute you're having a really wonderful dream which presents you with a brilliant idea and the next minute you're waking up and... you forget it.

Or you write down what came to mind and go back to sleep only to visit the idea again later to discover that it's actually rather ridiculous.

But dream logic can be hilarious, too.

Sometimes you wake up and find you jotted down ideas about a mop.

Sometimes you wake up and everything feels rather anticlimactic.

Sometimes your dream notebook doesn't give you much to go on.

WTF does this even mean‽


That's... that's it‽

Meaning of Life, Part Deux.

What is going on here‽

Scientists will lose their minds over this in the Year 3041.

We're waiting with bated breath.

"The name's Dog. James Dog."


That's why her dress is so big.

It's full of secrets.

Yeah, he might have been involved in that.

Just an educated guess.

Gee, thanks.

We need to do better, people.

How can we ever become bestselling fantasy novelists if we can't decode our so-called "best ideas" properly‽

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