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There's A Garfield-Themed Restaurant Opening Up In Toronto, And Purists Have Already Noticed A Glaring Issue

Garfield and Friends/YouTube // @mgford2030/Twitter

The Garfield comics have been bringing joy to readers for more than 40 years.

And a new Garfield-themed restaurant has opened up in Toronto, so you can be sure to expect a lot of lasagna––Garfield's favorite!––on the menu, right?

Or not.

Notice a problem?

Where's the lasagna?!

Purists feel rather strongly about this.

The restaurant will be the first of its kind in North America.

As BlogTo points out, this isn't your typical theme restaurant:

Very soon, you'll be able to get pizzas, lasagna, coffee, and cookies delivered to your home, courtesy of a new business called GarfieldEats.

GarfieldEats, which looks like it's gearing up to open on Bloor just west of Dovercourt very soon, will mark the first restaurant dedicated to the 40-year-old cartoon cat in North America.

The app-based 'mobile restaurant' is already operating in Dubai, where drivers deliver orders for free in environmentally-friendly packaging while riding on green electric Garfield scooters.

Toronto Apple and Android users will soon have access to an app that lets them order lasagna, as well as pizza and cookies created in the likeness of this beloved feline's head.

So there is lasagna on the menu, but why isn't this the main attraction in the advertising? It doesn't sound all that Garfield-like, but we admit we're curious.