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It Certainly Sounded Like Someone Let One Rip On 'The View'—And Nobody Knows Who It Was

The gassy moment interrupted a discussion about the classified documents found inside former Vice President Mike Pence's home.

screenshot from 'The View'

It was another day of hard-hitting journalism over at The View yesterday as the panel dug into the classified documents recently found inside former Republican Vice President Mick Pence's house.

But who cares about that because someone also farted in the middle of the segment.

At least, so it seems.

Right in the midst of the discussion, a distinctively fart-like sound rang out, causing panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin to giggle and the audience to quickly follow suit.

Who exactly beefed in the middle of this discussion of weighty national security matters is still a mystery, but you can try to suss it out at about the 4:28 mark below.

It seems that either Goldberg or panelist Sarah Haines, seated beside her, spilled some of their water and were trying to clean it up with their note cards.

Is it possible that the cards made the noise and super-sensitive microphones picked it up and magnified it?


But that sounds suspiciously like the "it was my shoe" of "that was the chair" excuse people are so fond of. It's also boring.

So we summarily reject the "it was the note cards" defense. Someone blew one on national TV and that's that!

As for who dealt the thing that Alyssa Farah Griffin definitely smelt? Wrack your brain if you must, but there's only one The View panelist who's literally named after flatulence, and that's Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg got her stage name because of her notorious flatulence during her stand-up days.

In 2017, she told the UK's Graham Norton:

“The theaters I worked in were so small, they didn’t have a lot of backstage room, so if you were gassy, you had to [fart] all the way through."
"People would say, ‘You are like a whoopee cushion.’ So that’s what I became."

The prosecution rests.

Whoopi Goldberg, j'accuse!

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with this whole thing.

Fittingly, given her name, Goldberg has a history of letting 'em rip on The View.

She previously beefed on air in 2014 and 2011, so it's not likely she's beating these charges any time soon.