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'The Simpsons' Executive Producer Notices A Glaring Error In An Old Episode—And We Can't Unsee It 😬

20th Century Fox Television, @AllieGoertz/Twitter

Simpsons fans are saying "Aye Caramba!" to this mistake that executive producer Matt Selman recently noticed. In a season 6 episode, the family discusses how the Simpsons became a family of five and the sacrifices that Homer, specifically, made in order to support them. During one scene in the episode, there's a pretty glaring error within the background.

As Homer and Marge are seated on the couch, Marge explains that she is pregnant again. The episode is pretty clear that this is the pregnancy that will result in Maggie... only ...

Apparently, that episode was full of similar errors!

Fans were quick to respond with some great explanations.

So what's your theory? Error, Easter Egg, or time travel? Maybe something entirely different? Let us know!

H/T: Mashable, Twitter