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Teen's Singing Is Interrupted By Her Mom Crashing Through Her Bedroom Ceiling In Surreal TikTok Video


We've all had someone walk in and interrupt us at the most inopportune time, but it seems safe to say most of us have never experienced it quite like this.

A video of TikToker Liz San Millan singing has gone wildly viral, not because of her gorgeous vocals, but because her mother bursts in and interrupts her at the most inopportune moment and in the most bizarre way—by crashing through the ceiling.

The ten-second video is so wild that even when you know what's about to happen, it still just kind of breaks your brain.

Not at all what you were expecting, was it!

Liz is a musical theater performer who recently moved to New York to go to theater school. The video she was filming was never even intended for TikTok—she was filming herself rehearsing a song from Heathers: The Musical for upcoming school auditions.

Her mother was up in the attic looking for luggage in preparation for Liz to pack up and move to New York for school. While doing so, she tripped and fell and crashed her entire leg through the ceiling, startling the bejesus out of Liz, as well as everyone else who's seen the video.

Liz talked about the surreal moment with BuzzFeed News.

"Right before she fell, you can see the irritation in my face due to her banging around while she knew I was filming. There are wooden beams in the attic that you're supposed to step on, but she tripped and stepped right into my ceiling."

Thankfully, Liz's mom was uninjured—if totally stunned by the experience of, you know, suddenly falling through the floor of the attic.

"She was shocked at first, which is why she didn't make any noise or move around, but she is completely fine! Not even a scratch."

Of course, Liz's fellow TikTokers had a field day with this bizarre and hilarious moment.













Let this be a public service announcement to always be careful when walking in attics.