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Ted Cruz's Twitter Gripe That 'Team Biden Is Soft On China' Instantly Blows Up His In Face

Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas tried to win some conservative brownie points on Twitter this past February 8 by posting that "Team Biden is soft on China."

Unfortunately for the Senator, "Team Cruz" quickly began trending on Twitter as people noted some of the things he was "soft" on.

Cruz was famously easygoing with President Trump, who accused his father of being a part of the JFK assassination and insulted his wife's appearance.

Cruz has also been fairly forgiving of the insurrectionists who tried to overthrow Joe Biden's election on January 6.

Cruz has faced many calls for his resignation since helping to spread the conspiracy-laden rhetoric which caused the Capitol riots.

It seems Team Cruz is a team of one.

It seems Senator Cruz's days of effectively throwing shade on Twitter are far behind him.

If they ever existed at all.