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Sydney Sweeney Offers Iconically Unbothered Reaction To 'Madame Web' Flopping At The Box Office

The actor opened up to 'The Los Angeles Times' about the dismal performance of 'Madame Web'—but she's not losing any sleep over it.

Sydney Sweeney
Steven Simione/WireImage

Actor Sydney Sweeney is opening up about the disastrous box office performance of Madame Web, and she's doing it in the most hilariously unbothered way possible.

During a recent Los Angeles Times interview, Sweeney was asked about how she felt about the film, which starred Dakota Johnson and has become perhaps the most hilarious-for-all-the-wrong-reasons film flop since CATS in 2019.

But Sweeney was very blasé about it. Her response was basically, "eh whatever, I just work here."

She told the LA Times:

“I was just hired as an actress in it, so I was just along for the ride for whatever was going to happen."

Being an actor really is just a job sometimes, it seems. And as one of the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood, Sweeney clearly has learned by now the maxim that "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

If there were, though, Madame Web would be the poster child.

The film, which had an $80 million budget, grossed just $43 million in the States and has a 12% Rotten Tomatoes Score. Ouch.

And that's even after it became an instantaneous meme on Twitter from people going to see it just to know how bad it really is—again, much like CATS.

Sweeney is clearly like, "whatever, my check cleared *shrug*" which you have to admit is pretty iconic. Star Dakota Johnson can't be bothered with the movie either, recently saying she "can't say I don't understand" why the movie was "ripped to shreds."

On social media, people loved Sydney Sweeney's "meh" take on the whole Madame Web debacle.

Sweeney's next big release, the horror movie Immaculate, is already winning raves, so she's sure to bounce back anyway.