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Straight Male TV Hosts Make Out To Raise $50k For Charity—But Not Everyone Is Impressed

Straight Male TV Hosts Make Out To Raise $50k For Charity—But Not Everyone Is Impressed
Australia Unites

Two straight male television hosts in Australia have found themselves in hot water from the LGBTQ+ community after kissing each other to raise money for charity.

Television host Grant Denyer and sports reporter Ben Fordham were both appearing on Australia Unites: Red Cross Flood Appeal, a live fundraising event intended to raise money for flood victims in Australia.

You can see the moment here:

Things took an interesting turn when an unnamed "major Australian corporation" called in and said they would donate $50,000 if Denyer and Fordham "pashed."

"Pash" is an Australian slang term for "passionate kiss."

The proposition resulted in amusement from everyone live on air.

Fordham questioned whether or not the pledge was real, and wasn't in fact something Denyer "cooked up" because he wanted to kiss Fordham.

Fellow host Amanda Keller was particularly curious as to what, exactly, constituted a "pash."

"What does ‘pash’ involve?"
"Are we talking mouth open, closed?"

Eventually, the two men slowly approached one another and after some visible laughter and embarrassment on both of their faces, eventually found themselves in a fairly passionate kiss.

The kiss led the two men to fall to the ground, before Fordham pushed Denyer away saying, "get off me!"

Denyer spoke directly to the camera as he got himself up off the floor declaring:

"That just happened Australia!"
"If you can't donate $5 for that, then you don't know what quality entertainment is."

The kiss was subsequently shown again on a replay, intended for any viewers who might have missed it.

Or, as one of the two female hosts of the event could be heard saying "if you closed your eyes like [she] did."

Fordham later returned to Denyer, taking him into a gentle embrace and revealing he was "very gentle" while Denyer claimed it was worth "every cent."

Whether or not it was all due to the "pash, Australia Unites proved to be a success, raising an estimated $25 million to help residents of Queensland and New South Wales impacted by floods.

Several people took to Twitter to express their amusement and/or disbelief at the kiss, commending the duo for helping raise money for a worthy cause.

However, not everyone was amused by Denyer and Fordham's antics.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies expressed disappointment a kiss between two men could still be considered something to mock and laugh at.

Fordham wasn't quite finished poking fun at his moment with Denyer.

He subsequently took to Twitter himself, thanking everyone who donated, as well as Denyer for the "posh rash."

Once again, not everyone was thrilled a kiss between two men was being used as a punchline.

Apparently this wasn't the first time Denyer and Fordham engaged in a "pash."

As reported by Q News, the two had previously locked lips at a radio station while live on air in 2019.

Denyer’s wife could apparently be heard cheering her husband on in the background as he engaged in the prior "pash."