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Stephen King Epically Responds To Jim Jordan's Fearmongering Tweet With A Single Word

The horror icon had a withering single word reply to the GOP Rep.'s tweet about guns, gas stoves and gas-guzzling cars.

Stephen King; Jim Jordan
Ulf Andersen/Getty Images; Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Horror icon Stephen King had a withering single word response to a fearmongering tweet from Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan, who suggested the government is "coming" for people's guns, gas stoves, and gas-guzzling cars.

Earlier Jordan appealed to common conservative fantasies that the Second Amendment will be on the chopping block in the event Democrats successfully pass comprehensive gun control.

He was also capitalizing on the latest manufactured conservative outrage concerning a floated "ban" on gas stoves by the commissioner for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) due to the toxic chemicals released that can contribute to childhood asthma.

He wrote:

"First, they came for your guns."
"Then, your gas stoves."
"Then, your gas cars."
"What’s next?"

You can see his tweet below.

Jordan's tweet soon caught King's attention and King offered a simple response:


You can see King's tweet below.

Many appreciated King's response.

Others criticized Jordan directly.

And still others noted he had issued the tweet—a riff off the German theologian Martin Niemöller's post-war confessional poem "First they came..."—on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The backlash was swift.

Although CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. shut down claims his agency is on the cusp of banning gas stoves—he is considering new regulations on gas stoves to "reduce related indoor air quality hazards"—it hasn't stopped Republicans from conjuring images of federal agents storming into people's homes and taking gas stoves by force.

Earlier this month, Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz couldn't help but weigh in on this conservative bogeyman of government overreach, saying in a Twitter post we'll "have to pry" his gas stove "from [his] COLD DEAD HANDS!"

Gaetz accompanied his statement with a video of his gas stove blazing defiantly, and the tweet was so absurd that Twitter users couldn't help but pile on him for making such a childish tweet.