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Star Wars Fans Put The Perfect Spin On That 'Distracted Boyfriend' Meme At Comic-Con πŸ˜‚

Stock Photo via Getty images, @jengrunwald/Twitter

We all know the meme: an attractive girl walks by while a boyfriend holding hands with his girlfriend gawks. The girlfriend looks betrayed and angry. And we love tagging ourselves in it: "me @ macaroni and cheese when my salad is sitting uneaten" or something like that. At San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, some Star Wars fans brilliantly reimagined it.

Here's the original:

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And here are some of the uses of the original:

User @thekesseltoyrun shared a photo of some of her friends from Saber Guild Temple Prime, a 'Star Wars' costuming club, recreating the meme as Kira and Young Han Solo as the boyfriend/girlfriend, with Han checking out Princess Leia while Kira looks on with offense.

Is it possible that The Force is drawing Han and Leia together?!

Honestly, seeing people apply memes in real life is one of the greatest joys of the 21st century––not to mention when they make nerdy Star Wars jokes using those memes.

Truly, it's genius.

Can we next have Lando in glasses with a book gesturing at a flying Porg, a la this guy?

The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird/Sunrise

Please, oh please, oh please?

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