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South Side Woman Dubbed 'Chicago Bonnie' Is The Internet's New Hero For How She Responded To Woman Telling Her The Pandemic Is A 'Hoax'

South Side Woman Dubbed 'Chicago Bonnie' Is The Internet's New Hero For How She Responded To Woman Telling Her The Pandemic Is A 'Hoax'
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We live in crazy times—and not just because we have an actual pandemic going and we're all locked in our homes for God knows how long.

There are also people who think the entire thing is a hoax, from people saying the Chinese released the virus on purpose, to right-wing pundits—and, God help us, the President himself—saying the pandemic is just another left-wing attempt at undermining the Trump Administration.

That's a lot of... how to put this politely... "interesting analysis," let's say.

And if you're feeling fed up with this nonsense, you have a compatriot in the internet's newest queen: a 74-year-old lady named Bonnie from Chicago's South Side who is 150% done with the bullsh*t!

Bonnie was shopping at her local Mariano's grocery store on Chicago's South Side, "just minding my own business," as she put it, when she came across a bit of a shopping cart traffic jam.

Since a fellow shopper around whom Bonnie was trying to navigate was not exercising proper social distancing, Bonnie pulled the collar of her jacket up over her mouth. And, well, suffice to say Bonnie's fellow shopper was not having it.

You can see Bonnie's tale here (WARNING NSFW language.)

As Bonnie tells it:

"She proceeded to YELL at me and tell me I was crazy, what was wrong with me, this is not a pandemic, this is a political hoax."

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Now you're probably thinking, "Aww sweet Bonnie! I'm sure she just apologized and moved on like a nice Midwestern lady."


"And of course, she got my South Side Polish dander up..."

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Oh boy... what happened next Bonnie?

"And I said, 'Well, if you're not afraid, then why don't you volunteer and go to China and take care of people."

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As you might guess, Bonnie's fellow shopper's reply was... well, let's just say no match for a 74-year-old South Side Chicago Polish lady:

"Oh goddam*it why don't you, bi*ch!"

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And that's when Bonnie hits us all with the realness.

"At that point, I had to walk away, because I thought about my daughter, working at hospitals, trying to save lives with this pandemic."

And then, the even realerrealness.

"...this woman has no idea that I'm almost 75, but I'm from Chicago, and I will gladly tap her on the shoulder and ask her to step aside and proceed to kick her bleach blond 50-year-old a*s."
"That's all I got to say."


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Do not mess with South Side Bonnie.

And as you might guess, the internet is firmly on Team Bonnie.

No word from Bonnie as yet on how she's enjoying her newfound internet fame, but one thing is for certain: When the pandemic is over, she's our new Queen.