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It Snowed In LA For The First Time In Years And, As Expected, People Lost Their Sh*t

Los Angeles, known for its sunny weather and warm temperatures, experienced something many of residents haven't seen in years last Thursday, February 21: snow!

According to forecasters, a cold weather system hit SoCal in just the right way to let a tiny sprinkling of snowflakes to reach the ground.

Residents of Hollywood, both high-profile and low-profile, simply couldn't handle it!


Cars on the road stopped just to watch the weather...

It was a chilly day in LA, with temperatures reaching down to a shiver-worthy 43 degrees.

Since that is well above freezing, one might wonder how ANY snow, even the little bit witnessed in these videos, is possible. Kristen Stewart, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, explained the precipitation to Buzzfeed News:

"When precipitation forms it may form as snow. As it falls it may not melt into rain whether that's a very thin layer of warmer temperatures or if it's falling fast enough."

Southern California's history of snow is a brief but exciting one!

One Twitter user was quick to point out, however, that weather anomalies like this one may very well be a sign of worse to come.

While it may not have snowed in downtown LA, we'll always have the videos to show those magical flakes falling on this strange, wonderous day!