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'The Sims' Just Added Top Surgery Scars And Chest Binders In Latest Update—And LGBTQ+ Fans Are Cheering

The update also includes medical wearables like hearing aids and glucose monitors in a win for inclusivity in the popular game.

Sims character designs and a tweet by @soupcore
@TheSims/Twtitter; @soupcore/Twitter

Who would have thought we'd still be playing The Sims over 20 years after its debut?

It really has grown with the times, including the newest update which includes additions LGBTQ+ and disabled players are very excited about.

The game has now added more character customization options meaning transmasculine Sims players can more easily customize their avatars.

The Sims 4's most recent update—which was unveiled earlier this week—adds new personalization options such as chest binders and top surgery scars.

The update also now offers the opportunity to include medical equipment like glucose monitors and hearing aids, which will increase the visibility of players with diabetes and hearing loss in the game.

Players in the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities were overjoyed by the announcement.

But also, some noticed upon actual playthrough, there were still some necessary updates-to-the-update that will need some work.

Other medical wearables now available were cause for celebration too.

Some people also pitched ideas for further updates to this particular category of customization.

To the negative commentary from transphobes, some people responded sarcastically.

Finally, one user summed up most of the community's response.

Here's hoping their idea will be executed well.