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Sidney Powell Unveils New Election Conspiracy About 'Secret Server' Where All Votes Go To Be Manipulated

Sidney Powell Unveils New Election Conspiracy About 'Secret Server' Where All Votes Go To Be Manipulated
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

You know Sidney Powell, erstwhile former Big Lie lawyer to former Republican President Donald Trump and election fraud conspiracy theorist who has yet to produce any proof of her claims and doesn''t even know the details of her own election fraud lawsuits?

The Sidney Powell who claimed 3,000 Trump ballots were found floating in Lake Erie after she misinterpreted a satirical joke about the TV show The Voice?

Well she's back!

And she has a whole new baseless claim about election fraud despite the fact she's currently being sued for a cumulative $4 billion for all her other baseless claims about election fraud.


So what's her newest shtick? As Powell told conservative talk show The Ledger Report last week, she now says there's a secret server where all of our votes are stored so they can be manipulated and that's how Biden won.

See a clip below.

Powell claimed:

"What I think really has to be discovered is that there is a secret server that all the votes go to where they manipulate the heck out of it."
"We need to know where their servers are and what they're doing with them, and we need the data from them and we need the data from the machines."

So just to sum up, there's a super secret server where our votes are stored and then manipulated but nobody knows where it is or whom is doing the manipulating because we don't have any data about this, we just know that it's definitely happening.

Sounds legit!

Powell also claimed they—whoever "they" may be...


...are covering their tracks with software updates.

"But they're going as fast as they can, right now, everywhere they can to completely revamp the machines with new software that erases everything that shows what they did."

Ah ha!

So THAT'S why she has no proof to back up her claims. It's all been erased by "new software."

It all checks out!

Except of course it doesn't, even remotely, which is why the internet has been dragging Powell for her latest claim.

It doesn't seem like there's any end in sight to Powell's ridiculous fraud claims, despite her recent laments she doesn't have the "tiniest fraction" of the money she'll have to pay if any of the litany of lawsuits against her for her previous false claims succeed.

Sorry, Sidney, but lies sometimes have consequences.