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Shirtless Guy Totally Goes Off On A Bunch Of Cows That Invaded His Yard


A radio presenter said he thought he was being "raided by the British Army" as he was woken by cows invading his property.

Stephen Nolan, who presents the Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster, posted a video on Twitter of him chasing the "dirty brutes" from his property wearing nothing more than shorts and trainers.

"I thought I was getting raided by the British Army," the 45-year-old wrote. "I woke up to sound of heavy footsteps and banging on my door.

"Cows broke into my site. Set off alarms, which sent call to security team. Total mayhem. Dirty brutes. I'm furious."

While Nolan himself was "furious" about the bovine invasion, his followers certainly saw the funny side of the incident.

"This is a very mooving story," wrote one, while another replied: "I think you're milking this a little bit."

People on Twitter were more than a little amoosed.

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