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Laura Ingraham Bizarrely Calls Out Sean Hannity's New 'Cosmetics Line' In Cringey Fox News Exchange

Laura Ingraham Bizarrely Calls Out Sean Hannity's New 'Cosmetics Line' In Cringey Fox News Exchange
Fox News

People on the internet are scratching their heads following a very weird exchange between Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

During the handover between their shows last night, Ingraham relentlessly ribbed Hannity for launching a cosmetics line after complimenting his skin. Taking the bait, Hannity then countered by talking about how much he hits people, or something.

The whole thing read as deeply passive aggressive while also trading in weirdly antiquated ideas about masculinity that seemed weird and cringey even for Fox News.

See the extremely strange back-and-forth below.

Perhaps you have to be a regular Fox News viewer to have the full scope of what exactly these two were going on about, but the whole thing was off--from both Ingraham and Hannity's tone to the actual content of the conversation itself.

Ingraham started things off by making fun of Hannity, ostensibly (it's honestly hard to tell) for wearing so much makeup.

"I think that cosmetics line you're about to launch is going to be very popular."

When Hannity responded quizzically, Ingraham kept going.

"Yeah you have a cosmetics line right? I saw that somewhere. It's like a -- you have an astringent and a buffing thing you're doing? ...Your skin looks beautiful!"

Hannity then demurred, citing as evidence of his masculinity the fact that he does a lot of hitting? Of things? Or people? Or something? While making punching motions in the air, Hannity said:

"Have you not seen, you know... hitting and hitting and hitting and elbows and punching, this is what I do all day.... That's all I do is I hit, all day, for an hour and a half."

Hannity is apparently an avid fan of MMA and has discussed his MMA-style workouts on his show before, so perhaps it was a reference to that. In any case, Ingraham simply continued accusatorily pointing out how good his skin looks.

"I don't know what you're doing... it's exfoliating ... it looks fantastic!"

Hannity, seemingly in full masculinity panic now, responded by claiming not to know what the word "exfoliating" means.

So to sum up: Laura Ingraham made fun of Sean Hannity for wearing makeup like literally every person who has ever worked in television in the entire history of the medium has done, and Hannity responded by talking about how much he punches things, because makeup is for girls, and Hannity is a big strong man.

Or something. We think? Honestly who knows, but we're not the only ones confused--most of Twitter was like "LOLWAT"

For an even stranger twist, makeup and makeup accessories are among the myriad products the ultra manly Hannity sells on his website. So if you like buying cosmetics from dudes with weird masculinity issues about cosmetics, now you know where to go...