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George Santos Dragged After Shaming Megan Rapinoe For Joking That God Doesn't Exist

The GOP Rep. took to X, formerly Twitter, to call out the soccer star for jokingly denying God's existence after getting injured minutes into her final USWL soccer match.

George Santos; Megan Rapinoe
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Alika Jenner/Getty Images

New York Republican Representative George Santos was roasted online after he took to X, formerly Twitter, to call out soccer star Megan Rapinoe for jokingly suggesting that her injury mere minutes into her final USWL soccer match was proof God doesn't exist.

Rapinoe concluded her remarkable soccer career in the National Women’s Soccer League Championship against Gotham OC. The final match, unfortunately, took an unexpected turn for Rapinoe as she suffered a suspected Achilles tear within the first few minutes of the game.

Rapinoe addressed the cruel twist of fate after the match:

“I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, like, this is proof that there isn’t."
“This is fucked up. It’s just fucked up. Six minutes in and I eat my Achilles."

You can hear her remarks in the video below.

Shortly afterward, Santos—who is currently facing 23 federal charges related to financial fraud—weighed in with the following message:

“In a world filled with conflict, starvation, sickness, and death, woke @meganrapino believes there is no God since she was injured while kicking a soccer ball. Please. There is a God and he loves you, regardless of how much you hate Him.”

You can see his post below.

Santos' comments exposed him to almost immediate mockery from critics who pointed out he should be more concerned with the legal challenges he's currently facing.

Authorities have continued to investigate the misdeeds of Santos and his inner circle.

On Tuesday, Samuel Miele admitted guilt to one count of wire fraud, related to a fundraising scheme conducted for his and Santos' benefit.

In a court appearance, Miele confessed to posing as a House staffer to collect funds for Santos. Miele, prosecutors said, solicited donors over phone calls and emails that he signed using another man’s name.

Miele's attorney, Kevin Marino, stated his client took responsibility for his actions but did not confirm if the plea involved an agreement to cooperate with federal prosecutors and potentially testify against Santos.