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Pat Sajak Hilariously Loses His Patience With 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Trying To Solve Puzzle

The game show host really wanted contestant Nicole to 'solve the darn puzzle.'

Pat Sajak; "Wheel of Fortune" contestant Nicole
Sony Pictures Television

Okay, it might be time someone checks in on Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.

Like, is he okay? Is something going on, or...?

Because just days after wrestling with a Wheel of Fortune contestant in an awkward on-air moment, now he's yelling at contestants on national television. Okay, not yelling, exactly but... his patience definitely seems to be wearing thin.

The moment happened last week when a contestant named Nicole was taking her sweet time solving one of the long-running game show's puzzles.

Sajak really seemed to lose his patience, bellowing at Nicole to "solve the darn puzzle!" as seen in the clip below.

The category was "Same Name," in which contestants have to identify two different things that share a word in their name. When the puzzle came 'round to Nicole, only six letters remained in the four-word puzzle.

Nicole took her sweet time getting to the point of things, racking up quite a bit of cash and prizes along the way. She first guessed a 'C,' of which there were three in the puzzle, and then spun the iconic wheel to win a trip to Hawaii. Not too shabby!

Even though by that point the puzzle was pretty obvious, Nicole seemed clueless and kept guessing letters, adding a 'P' and a 'Y' to the puzzle, and leaving just two letters blank. Whether Nicole was actually in the dark or just stringing things along to win more money is anyone's guess, but she finally decided to take an actual stab at the puzzle, saying, in surprise, "Oh! I'm going to solve!"

It was at that point that Sajak seemed to lose his cool, bellowing, "Please! Solve the darn puzzle!" Nicole did, correctly calling out the obvious solution, "Coconut & Cough Syrup," to Sajak's exasperated relief.

Given the incident came just a few days after that whole wrestling-a-contestant thing, Sajak's outburst definitely caught people's attention on social media.

In the end, Sajak smoothed things over with Nicole. He quipped:

“We appreciate you pretending that you didn’t know what it was until the end. You increased the drama, that was great.”

Hey, at least he didn't tackle her like he did the other contestant.