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Ryan Reynolds Pays Poignant Tribute To Soccer Fan Whose Dying Wish Was To Meet Him

The 'Deadpool' actor and Wrexham AFC co-owner paid tribute to Jay Fear, a fan who died of appendix cancer after getting his wish of meeting Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds is expressing his grief over the loss of a devoted fan who had a profound impact on him.

The 46-year-old actor—best known for his role as Deadpool—shared an Instagram tribute dedicated to Jay Fear.

Fear—a 45-year-old Reynolds' fan who was battling terminal appendix cancer—expressed his dying wish to meet Reynolds.

You can see Reynolds' post here:

Reynolds captioned the post:

“So grateful to have spent time with Jay Fear. He didn’t have much of it left. The fact he shared that time so freely with others is something I’ll never take for granted and never forget.”
“This man lived.”
“Sending all my love, respect and condolences to Deb, Jess and Sam. ❤️”

In addition to the Instagram post, Reynolds shared his thoughts about the superfan through an Instagram story.

"Rip Jay Fear. One of the bravest, kindest, and most generous people I've ever met.”
"Thank you for sharing your dad with me. I know how inadequate words must be given your enormous loss.”
“Sending you all our love from my family, Wrexham and beyond.”
“I loved every second I spent with Jay.”

Fear also watched Reynolds' docu-series Welcome to Wrexham which chronicled the actor and his friend Rob McElhenney's purchase of the Welsh soccer team in 2021.

He expressed his long-standing admiration for Reynolds:

“I've always loved Ryan Reynolds—ever since Van Wilder. I remember watching that for the first time and thinking that guy was cool.”

Fear shared his hope of attending a Wrexham game and meeting Reynolds simultaneously.

"I started watching the [Welcome to] Wrexham program on Disney Plus and when you watch that you can't help but love Wrexham. It would be so nice to go to a Wrexham game and actually meet Ryan Reynolds at the same time,"

Later that month, Fear's dream became a reality.

He had the opportunity to witness a Wrexham match and meet his idol. Fear expressed his overwhelming satisfaction with the experience, debunking the notion that one should never meet their idol.

During a BBC interview, Reynolds reflected on his meeting with Fear.

“I wonder if I'd have the same unwavering joy if our roles were reversed. He is an exceptional person and his family is wonderful. I got a little choked up talking to him and feeling how much his kids and wife are going to miss him."

The internet is recognizing the Spirited star for his generous spirit.







RIP, Jay Fear.