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Ryan Reynolds Posted An Incredibly Moving Tribute To John Candy On The 25th Anniversary Of His Death

Photo by Zhang Jingtao/VCG via Getty Images | Photo by Patti Gower/Toronto Star via Getty Images | Twitter (@LittleMissLizz)

25 years ago, the world lost a legend when John Candy passed away suddenly at the young age of 43. He suffered a heart attack while on set for the comedy Wagons East.

Fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds posted a moving tribute to the iconic comedian.

John Candy's children responded with gratitude.

In the montage are clips from John Candy's most beloved performances. We catch glimpses of his roles in Stripes, Home Alone, Cool Runnings, and Uncle Buck among others. And it's all set to "Everytime You Go Away" which was featured in Planes Trains and Automobiles; perhaps the most famous of John Candy's films in which he co-starred with Steve Martin.

Reynolds went on to say...

People expressed their love for the late comic.

People reminisced about their favorite John Candy stories and performances.

Many responded with their own tributes.

Thank you John Candy, for the memories.