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RuPaul Throws Hilarious Shade At Cringey RuPaul Christmas Ornament Someone Bought Online

Rich Fury/Getty Images

One thing the internet has taught us to expect over the years?

Sub-par products come from

Sure, the prices are unmatchable, but you will wait weeks for a product that looks vaguely like the one in the pictures.

Such was one particular ornament of USA drag superstar herself, RuPaul. The RuPaul that showed up left quite a bit to be desired.

The uneven and unfocused eyes, the eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with magic marker, and a mouth so slanted to the side it would make any 20s gangster stereotype jealous, the ornament, at best, vaguely resembles RuPaul.

It also appears to have white skin under the light, which is wildly incorrect.

"It looks like Jennifer Holliday in mid-performance," wrote the original poster of the photo.

Soon thereafter, it got into the sights of RuPaul herself, who took the opportunity to shade the ornament.

The internet, meanwhile, either couldn't get enough of the bootleg ornament, or were absolutely terrified of it.

RuPaul also replied to Drag Race All-Stars Champion Trixie Mattel, who claimed she bought two dozen of the RuPaul ornaments.

Meanwhile, the memes truly just keep coming from Twitter.

RuPaul appears to be having a blast photoshopping the ornament into scenes from her successful television franchise, RuPaul's Drag Race.

The ornament is still on sale through