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Robert Mueller Was Spotted Getting Laptop Help At An Apple Genius Bar—And The Jokes Came Rolling In 😂

Robert Mueller Was Spotted Getting Laptop Help At An Apple Genius Bar—And The Jokes Came Rolling In 😂
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Special prosecutors: they're just like us!

It's one of the world's unyielding laws, as immutable as the rising of the sun: eventually, your laptop is going to be on some trickery. And as the internet learned this week, even the full force of the American Justice Department is powerless to alter this particular law of the universe.

Which is why an otherwise ordinary day at a D.C. Apple Store took a wild turn as the shop played host to FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Social media user @megpianta spotted Mueller and his wife at Apple's Georgetown location, seated at a table with an Apple technician. She snapped a photo and posted it to her Instagram story with the caption, "Give this man ALL the Genius Bar support he needs, pls." Yes please! In fact I volunteer my own Apple Care subscription as tribute!

He does look rather distressed, doesn't he? As does Mrs. Mueller. And doesn't the Apple tech appear to be almost bracing himself? I'm concerned. And also triggered: I once dumped an entire 32 oz Chipotle cup of water directly into my MacBook's keyboard, and I have frankly never been the same. It was a work computer and my comma and 9 keys never worked properly ever again and it was a whole thing. Also every time Apple updates OS or iOS I get locked out of my Apple account and so none of my iMessages work for like 15 entire minutes and it is so stressful because then I get behind in all my group chats and other people beat me to the best emojis and what if that's what's happening to Mueller except with extremely urgent TrumpRussia texts I am getting very emotional!!!

Anyway, we'll never know what the Muellers' situation was (assuming national security is maintained as it should be anyway) but Twitter was at the ready with potential explanations, with hilarious results!

And of course some couldn't help taking the opportunity to dunk on a certain White House resident:

Here's hoping Mueller at least backed up!

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