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Robert E. Kelly, AKA 'BBC Dad,' Shares Family Christmas Photo

Robert E. Kelly, AKA 'BBC Dad,' Shares Family Christmas Photo

You may not know his name, but you've probably seen his BBC interview.

Political science professor Robert E. Kelly's family famously barged in on him during a live BBC interview back in March. The hilarious video quickly went viral.

It all started when Kelly announced on Twitter that he'd be on the BBC to talk about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye:

Little did he know that the interview would make him famous worldwide––overshadowing the impeachment news.

Partway through the interview, his daughter, Marion, came marching in. According to the Kelly, she was in a "hippity-hoppity mood" because she'd just had a birthday party at school.

As Kelly attempted to get his daughter to leave the room while still keeping his focus on the interview, his son, James, soon came gliding in in his baby walker to find his big sister. And that's when Kelly's sock-clad wife, Kim Jung-A came sliding in Risky Business-style (but a bit more frantic) to drag the two out and shut the door while Kelly closed his eyes in embarrassment and apologized.

Let's all relive this moment of pure magic from 2017, shall we?

The Wall Street Journal was lucky enough to nab the first interview with the adorable family. Kelly called the experience "a comedy of errors," which seems fitting. And it was all because Kelly had forgotten to lock the office door after a long day of interviews.

Now, having amassed a healthy following since the incident, the Kelly family is back on Twitter again. But this time it's to wish all of their fans a Merry Christmas.

Kelly shared a photo of the kids, now a little bigger, saying: "Merry Christmas. To all the people who follow me because of the video or my children, thank you. We are flattered by your kindness."

And Twitter gave the love right back:

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H/T: Twitter, Wall Street Journal