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Robert De Niro Gets Choked Up Talking About His 9-Month-Old Daughter In Sweet Video

The Oscar winner reflected on fatherhood in a video for 'AARP The Magazine,' and got emotional while talking about his 9-month-old daughter Gia.

Robert De Niro
Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Robert De Niro has created memorable characters in many important films over the last few decades, breathing life into countless nuanced and unpredictable roles.

Being in love and being a father may not immediately come to mind for many fans, though De Niro has built quite a family for himself over the years.

Though De Niro has largely kept his personal life private, the actor has always been forthcoming about his partners and children. While on set for Taxi Driver, De Niro dated Diahnne Abbott, and the two later married. He adopted her daughter from a previous relationship and also had a son with her.

After their divorce, De Niro dated several women, including Toukie Smith, with whom he had two children.

Later he married Grace Hightower, with whom he had a son and a daughter, bringing the total to six kids.

After his divorce from Hightower, De Niro went on to date Tiffany Chen, who was his martial arts instructor, and they've kept most of their dating history away from the public eye, including Chen's pregnancy and the birth of their daughter, Gia.

During an interview with AARPThe Magazine, De Niro revealed that he had seven, not six, children, as Gia was now nine months old.

At the age of 80, De Niro finds Gia's presence to be "wondrous" and a reminder to take things as they come.

"I'm an 80-year-old dad, and it's great. Everything that I'm consumed with or worried about or this or that just goes away when I look at her [Gia]."
"It's wondrous. She has a very sweet kind of way of looking at you and just taking you in."
"I want to be around for as long as I can to enjoy her."

You can watch the interview here:

Robert De Niro on 50 Years with Martin Scorsese and a New Baby at

Fans were feeling the love.

Not surprisingly, some people were skeptical about De Niro's age.

But the interview struck a chord.

Everyone has their own opinions about what makes a family great, but it seems that De Niro's current situation has made him very happy.