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Rob Schneider Claims His Conservative Hollywood Friends Are 'Scared' Of Speaking Out

Rob Schneider Claims His Conservative Hollywood Friends Are 'Scared' Of Speaking Out
Fox News

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider claims there is no shortage of conservatives in Hollywood but his many conservative friends are "scared" of speaking out for risk of tanking their careers.

Speaking on Fox News' Fox & friends, Schneider said his conservative friends genuinely “fear cancel culture too much to speak up.” He also said he has been shunned in Hollywood for openly sharing his conservative views and he had people who “didn’t return calls as often.”

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Rob Schneider: I’ve had it with the Democratic Party!

When asked about former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard's decision to leave the Democratic Party, Schneider said he wasn't surprised at all.

“As an actor, you’re always coming from a place of trying to get work. But at a certain point, you know, you have to worry about, I mean, I’m in my 50s now, late 50s... I worry more about the freedoms of my kids. I’m a grandfather now."
“So at a certain point … It’s really weird. You know something’s wrong when people say, ‘If you put God, family and country first’ that’s somehow controversial. How is that controversial?"
"So at a certain point you have to say ‘enough’ and stand up to it.”

Schneider went on to say he lost friends because of his outspoken conservative views and suggested others in Hollywood are afraid of experiencing the same.

“A lot of people I’m friends with in Hollywood, they lean towards the right, but they’re just scared of it, because it really is like a mob of ideologues that you feel will attack you."
“It’s really not necessarily based on anything but like this religious architecture in their thinking.”

Schneider's remarks opened him up to significant mockery online.

Schneider has gone on record before to say he is willing to "lose it all" for his MAGA beliefs.

In August, Schneider—who rose to fame starring on Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s—told conservative political commentator Glenn Beck he's long past caring about his career and instead cares about "my children and the country they're going to live in."

Schneider has continued to make the rounds on the conservative talk show circuit in recent months ahead of the release of his latest film Daddy Daughter Trip which is slated for release this week.